Solveig Warren (Secretary)

Solveig Warren - Ideas2Action Secretary

Solveig Warren – Ideas2Action Secretary

I am currently involved in various research projects at King’s College, London, in the Health Services and Population Research. Bristol University at School of Social and Community Medicine and the McPin Foundation. The theme of the research is Stigma and Discrimination within Mental Health. This research feeds into other projects eg. the Time to Change Campaign.

I am passionate about empowering people to improve their lives and in order to do that, research is essential to validate views and experiences.

I am chair of a local Friendly Society and also act as Welfare Officer. I am the local representative for a national self-help group and for four years held the position of treasurer.

I have over 20 years’ experience of developing needs-based community projects, both in the UK and Canada.

Another passion I have is story telling.  I do this using various media; words and pictures through short films, plays and documentaries. I also support fellow colleagues with film production, in script writing etc.