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Win on Waste sessions in January 2018

6          Broadstone  (Broadstone Library 10-11am)

6          Wimborne (Wimborne Library 10.30am-12noon)

6          Hamworthy (Hamworthy Library 11-12)

6          Livability Holton Lee (Holton Lee, Holton Heath 10.30am-12.30pm)

13        Canford Heath (Coffee House Café 10-11am)

13        Creekmoor (Creekmoor Library 11.30am-12.30pm)

20        Oakdale (Oakdale Library 10.30am-12noon)

25        Turlin Moor (St Gabriel’s Church 9am-12noon)

27        Westbourne (Westbourne Library 10-11am)

27        West Howe (Henry Brown Youth Centre 2-4pm)

Southbourne tbc


Win on Waste sessions being held in December

December dates for Win on Waste

2nd        Livability Holton Lee, Holton Lee, Holton Heath (10am-2pm) –

Donate: sweet biscuit wrappers, Tassimo coffee discs and packaging, dried up biros/felt tips/highlighters/board markers, Tippex, milk bottle tops, cleaning items (disinfectant wipe packets, washing up liquid tops, pumps and trigger heads).

2nd        Broadstone  (Broadstone Library 10-11am)

9th        Canford Heath (Coffee House Café 10-11am)

9th        Creekmoor (Creekmoor Library 11.30am-12.30pm)

Donate any of the following at the three Win on Waste sessions above:

  • Unwanted Christmas decorations (Dorset Scrapstore)
  • Ring pulls from drinks cans (Purple Community Fund)
  • Any empty Garnier beauty product items (Ideas2Action)
  • Empty/broken pens, biros, felt tips, highlighters, board markers, mechanical pencils or empty Tippex bottles (Research into Brain Tumours)
  • All brands and sizes of air freshener packaging – (plastic bits) and  cartridges (Ideas2Action)
  • Aerosol deodorant cans (Ideas2Action)
  • Tassimo coffee discs & packaging (Poole Hospital Scanner Appeal)
  • Milk bottle tops (Gift of Sight)
  • Biscuit wrappers (Ideas2Action)
  • Newspapers/magazines/junk mail (Dorset Community Foundation)
  • Stamps (Forest Holme Hospice)
  • Cleaning product items (Ideas2Action)
  • Tobacco pouches and silver paper and cellophane from cigarette packets (for general recycling by Terracycle)

Our bin is full and ready to send off for recycling!

Over the past few weeks we have been saving aerosol deodorant cans and these have been kindly stored for us at Rossmore Leisure Centre.  The good news is the oil drum is now full, so a big thanks to all our Win on Waste donors and users of the Leisure Centre for all their used cans.   Photo shows the dedication of three Leisure Centre staff as they stand in the rain in the dark to show off the full drum for our photo!

November Win on Waste Sessions

Win on Waste sessions take place during November on the following Saturdays:

Broadstone 4th Broadstone Library 10-11am

Canford Heath 11th Canford Heath Library 10-11amm

Creekmoor 11th Creekmoor Library 11.30am-12.30pm

Oakdale 18th Oakdale Library 10.30am-12noon

Southbourne tbc

Westbourne 25th Westbourne Library 10-11am

West Howe 25th Henry Brown Youth Centre 2-4pm