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Canford Heath and Creekmoor Win on Waste sessions Saturday 14 April

Please take any of the following items to Canford Heath Win on Waste (Canford Heath Library 10-11am) or to Creekmoor Library 11.30am-12.30pm on Saturday 14th April and help good causes.

  • Aluminium foil—any clean foil (Poole Methodists)
  • Aluminium drink cans, (please empty and crush if possible) (Poole Methodists)
  • Ring pulls from drinks cans (Purple Community Fund)
  • Corks (Dorset Scrapstore)
  • Any empty beauty product items e.g. moisturisers, roll-on deodorants, facial wipe packets (Ideas2Action)
  • Dried up/broken biros, felt tips, highlighters, board markers, mechanical pencils or empty Tippex bottles (Ellie’s Fund—research into brain tumours)
  • All brands and sizes of air freshener packaging – (plastic bits) and  cartridges (Ideas2Action)
  • Tassimo coffee discs & packaging (Poole Hospital Scanner Appeal)
  • Milk bottle tops (Gift of Sight)
  • Biscuit wrappers –any make of sweet or savoury (no cakes or chocolate bars please) (Ideas2Action)
  • Stamps (Naomi House)
  • Cleaning product items e.g. disinfectant wipe packets, personal wipe packets, washing up liquid tops, trigger heads, pumps (Ideas2Action)
  • Tobacco pouches, silver paper and cellophane from cigarette packets



Tassimo discs off for recycling

The equivalent of 42 carrier bags of Tassimo coffee discs which had been donated at Win on Waste sessions in March were collected by Point2Point Transport from Verwood.  The discs will be recycled by Terracycle and money raised by the points awarded will go to the Poole Hospital Scanner Appeal.