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Win on Waste receives funding from Wessex Water

Win on Waste has received funding from the Wessex Water Foundation to combat social isolation for local people who are housebound or currently shielding.

The foundation’s Recovery Fund aims to support local organisations and charities affected by the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, helping them to support their communities and build resilience for the future.

Win on Waste has been undertaking projects to benefit local people in the BCP and Dorset Council areas since 2013. With a primary focus on waste and recycling, Win on Waste is responsible for running 19 waste collection sessions in Dorset and in 2019-2020 helped local residents remove 3400 bags of waste from landfill and kerbside recycling. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced the charity to suspend these in-person sessions for the time being.

Stacey Woods, Win on Waste Business Manager, said: ‘This grant of £650 will be put to use to help us combat social isolation in people who may be shielding due to Covid-19, or might be otherwise housebound, by asking them to nurse ailing house plants back to health.’

The goal of the project is to fully support volunteers in caring for donated house plants that may otherwise have been thrown away, allowing us to provide meaningful occupation and community outreach to isolated people, while removing the plants themselves from among common household waste.

We will be posting more details about Pass on Plants and how you can get involved soon – in the meantime, if you feel that you would like to take part, or if you have a plant that you would like to donate into the project, please contact us.

The Wessex Water Foundation is a multi-million-pound initiative, launched in June 2020, which provides a dedicated funding stream for projects across the region.

It is run in partnership with the Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset and Quartet Community Foundations and from April 2021 it will provide at least half a million pounds of funding every year to support local community groups, environmental projects, and charities helping those who are suffering the consequences of poverty through low income or unemployment.

To find out more about the Wessex Water Foundation visit

Win on Waste – Hamworthy East First Donation Day

JpegApproximately 360 cardboard tubes and yoghurt pots were donated by residents in Hamworthy East on Saturday 26th September.  Gillian Taylor collected the most and won a £10 voucher from Frank Greenslade Ltd.  The runner up was Katie Elliott who won a voucher from Cornucopia.   All the yoghurt pots and cardboard tubes donated on the day were gratefully received by Simon Shave on behalf of Diverse Abilities.

Win-on-Waste – Canford Heath

Win-on-Waste was a pilot project run on Canford Heath in Poole.  Rather than throw certain items in their rubbish or recycling bins, the project encouraged residents to collect and donate them.  During May, June and July 2014 residents brought the items to the Coffee House Café on Canford Heath and donated them to the voluntary organisations asking for them.  The family or individual collecting the most, along with the runner-up, received vouchers donated by local businesses.

We are hoping to run other Win-on-Waste projects in Poole in the future.

We Need That!

We Need That! is a voluntary sector project which aims to cut the amount of waste that Poole residents throw away.  This is achieved by showing them that there are charities, churches, schools etc who could make use of the items.

It was originally run by Poole CVS with funding from the Borough of Poole’s Green Initiative Grants.  Additional funding came from the Dorset Community Foundation to enable further promotional work to be carried out with businesses and membership organisations.

At the beginning of March 2014 the project was transferred to Ideas2Action.  We are very grateful to the staff and trustees at Poole CVS, the Borough of Poole and Dorset Community Foundation for helping us get the project off the ground and for developing it.

We know the project has lots of potential for expansion so we are looking at finding further funding to enable We Need That to develop even further.  Watch this space!