Win on Waste – Oakdale

Our seventh Win on Waste project – Oakdale Win on Waste launched on Saturday 23 September 2017 at Oakdale Library.  Local residents were invited to save the following items and take them along to the Library.  In addition to these, ties and printer ink cartridges were also donated and all items helped 8 good causes.

  • Milk bottle tops—plastic (Gift of Sight)
  • Biscuit wrappers-(Ideas2Action)
  • Stamps (Forest Holme Hospice)
  • Empty: biros, board markers, highlighters, Tippex bottles, or plastic pencils (Research into Brain Tumours)
  • Wool and buttons (Oakdale Residents Community Association)

Sessions now run on the third Saturday of the month at Oakdale Library.  Dates for the remainder of 2018 are: 20/10, 17/11 and 15/12.