About Us

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We have three wonderful trustees, Chris, Jo and Nick and Monique who is our co-ordinator Read more about team

We also have a fantastic team of volunteers: our Recycling Ambassadors who are Passionate (with a capital P) about recycling and cutting down on waste: Barbara, Laura, Linda, Mar, Sarah D, Sarah S Simon, Steph, Vikki and Yvonne.  Then there’s our Waste Statistics Volunteer Kirstie, who produces lots of lovely waste graphs for us.

As well as our main projects, we run a special Christmas campaign each year to support a particular charity.  These have included Dorset Blind Association, Lewis Manning Hospice and Forest Holme Hospice.  In 2017 this will be the AOK Rucksack Appeal who help to equip homeless people.

In 2017 we ran our second Recycling Awards event with the aim of recognising the people or companies who go that extra mile when it comes to recycling.

We have plenty of ideas to explore in the coming months and years, so watch this space!