We Need That!

Need That! aims to cut the amount of waste that residents in the BCP Council area throw away.  This is achieved by showing them that there are charities, faith groups, schools etc., who could make use of the items.

It was originally run by Poole CVS with funding from the Borough of Poole’s Green Initiative Grants.  Additional funding came from the Dorset Community Foundation to enable further promotional work to be carried out with businesses and membership organisations.

At the beginning of March 2014 the project was transferred to Ideas2Action.  We are very grateful to the staff and trustees at Poole CVS, the Borough of Poole and Dorset Community Foundation for helping us get the project off the ground and for developing it.

Thanks to funding from the Green Goals Community Fund in Bournemouth, we were able to expand and develop We Need That to include more Bournemouth organisations.

We hope that organisations in Christchurch will also now like to have entries.


If your organisation, or you as an individual would like to be included in a future issue of the directory and ask for items from the list, please download, complete and return the appropriate forms and return them either by post (details on the form) or by email to Monique.

Not-for-profit contact form

Individual request form

List of needs

To all of you who have saved and donated items, a very BIG thank you.

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