What Win on Waste sessions are running on Saturday 27 October?

Win on Waste sessions are running in the following areas on Saturday 27 October:

Kinson – Kinson Library 10.30-11.30am

Westbourne – Westbourne Library 10-11am

Bring any of the following with you:

  • Crisp packets – flat please and as empty of crumbs as possible
  • Unused Christmas cards and paper suitable for children (Ashley’s Birthday Bank)
  • Tassimo coffee discs & packaging, Kenco coffee jar lids, L’OR coffee pods and Kenco refill packets (Poole Hospital Scanner Appeal)
  • Baby food pouches and snack packets (Ideas2Action)
  • Corks (Dorset Scrapstore)
  • Unwanted keys and padlocks (Routes to Roots)
  • Unwanted foreign coins/notes (Michael House)
  • Aluminium foil / metal coat hangers / metal beer bottle tops / wires and cables (Poole Methodists)
  • Ring pulls from drinks cans (Purple Community Fund)
  • Stamps (Naomi House Hospice)
  • Milk bottle tops (Gift of Sight)
  • Biscuit and cake wrappers (Ideas2Action)
  • Dried up ballpoint pens, felt tips, highlighters, board markers, mechanical pencils, permanent markers, bingo pens, correction tape containers or empty Tippex bottles (research into childhood brain tumours)
  • Cleaning product items: pumps, sprays, disinfectant wipe packets+ personal wipe packets (e.g. Andrex) and washing up liquid tops (Ideas2Action)